Stock Reinforcing Bar

Reinforcing bar complies with AS/NZS 4761 and is available in the range of stock lengths listed below. Wire Industries offers a complete supply service from receipt of your project’s construction drawings through to supply to site of tailor made bar cut, bent, bundled and labelled with schedules and marking plan for placing. Processing is quality assured by ACRS - Australia’s leading quality assurer. Please refer to our processing service.

Deformed N Grade - 500MPa
Item No.Diameter (mm)Length (m)Approx. Lengths/Tonne
s bar
Swimming Pool Deformed S Grade - 250MPa
Item No.Diameter (mm)Length (m)Approx. Lengths/Tonne

Pool Reinforcing has a lower tensile strength than N Grade bar and is more ductile which facilitates free forming of bars on site.